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Where can you find the highest concentration of pre-foreclosures in Pennsylvania?  Where are the best, lowest-priced investment properties in Pennsylvania?  Where can you start a real estate investing career and build a portfolio worth millions?

It’s all in Philadelphia!

Philadelphia, PA is one of the hottest real estate investing markets of the moment.  Why?  Low prices and lots of inventory.  Thousands of investors are capitalizing on this unprecedented opportunity to own property in the “City of Brotherly Love.”

How can YOU gain access to these pre-foreclosure (lis pendens) records filed in Philadelphia?  Just visit www.phillylispendens.com.

Lis pendens (Latin, for lawsuit pending) are legal actions filed against borrowers who have missed 3 or more mortgage payments.

The records on www.phillylispendens.com are posted weekly.

HERE’S where you can find the SHORT SALES you’ve been looking for!

Visit www.phillylispendens.com to find out more!

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