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Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I just closed on my THIRD investment house.  I found all three on AmericanForeclosures.com and they were all significantly under-market- value!  Two are rented for a positive cash flow.  I’m planning to move into my most recent purchase.  It’s in great condition and was on the market a year ago for much more.

Jennifer R - Scranton, PA

I bought my house 5 years ago for $89,000 when the asking price was $139,000.  It’s worth $300,000 now.  I found it on AmericanForeclosures.com.  I’m your member forever!

Angela D - Lakewood, NJ

I really love the site.  It’s easy to navigate and loaded with listings.  My husband and I started the membership so we could help our newly married daughter find a home close to us here in Ohio.  In a twist of circumstances, my son-in-law’s job changed and he was transferred to California.  Not only did we find a great deal on a house for them in the Silicon Valley area but we’re in negotiations on a REO for ourselves nearby!  We never expected to move to California but we’re retired and we’re warming up to the idea of life in a new climate.  We’ll let you know how it works out.  Thank you AmericanForeclosures.com!

Andrew T - Columbus, OH

As a real estate professional, it’s my job to keep up with the latest information and trends.  I actually work on the border of two states, so my clients are often located in one state but want to move to the other.  AmericanForeclosures.com is the first database I check when I want to search available properties for my clients.  It’s quick and easy, and I like being able to view groups of properties at a glance.  It helps me make efficient comparisons and it’s a lot faster than combing through the various MLS sites.  Thanks!

Martin Z - Trenton, NJ

…Well, it needs a bit of work, but man, was it worth it!  My friends can’t believe the bargain I got.  The timing was just perfect.  The bank was really easy to negotiate with.  It was such a smooth process.  They wanted to get rid of this house and I wanted it.  Simple, easy, fast.  I offered all cash and that cemented the deal.  Done in two weeks and I’m already fixing it up…

Paul B - Alexandria, VA

I had been following this one house for a while and I watched the asking price go down twice.  I was a little nervous about making an offer until I was sure it was at the lowest possible price.  Well, my offer was $15,000 lower than the bank’s asking price and guess what?  ACCEPTED!  I’m so excited.  This is my first house and I’m absolutely certain I got a great deal.  I couldn’t have done it without you.  Thanks.

Denise G – Buffalo, NY

"I've tried other services, but yours is consistantly up-to-date where others are not."  Read more >

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